Classic MacOS Software

This is a list of software I've written for MacOS, usually everything here is for System 7. Everything here should include both binaries and source.

AppleTalk over IP This is an AppleTalk device which provides an AppleTalk connection to a remote server over IP. See for more information.

HTTP Disk 0.5.4: This is a Control Panel/Driver to mount a file over HTTP, as a local disk. This uses HTTP ranged get/puts to do block level access to the file on the HTTP server. This is a video demo of it in action partway through its development. Detailed description and screenshots here.

ROMDisk Driver: Not so much an app, but a combination of a driver and modifications to the IIsi firmware to allow using a disk image stored in ROM as a boot device.

MemDrv was my first attempt at a disk driver for System7 and the associated INIT to load the driver. This is a simple RAMDisk.

Rounded Desktop: On 68k powerbooks, the desktop corners are square, using all available pixels of the powerbook's LCD. On desktops, the corners are rounded. This makes the desktop on a powerbook have rounded corners like on a desktop system.

SYSVInit: Replaces the 'sysv' System Version Gestalt to report the current system version as 7.6.1. During the System 7.5.x and System 7.6 timeframe, many operating system changes were bundled with the OS releases, but were also released separately as downloads for earlier System 7 releases (thread manager, sound manager 3.1, scsi mananger 4.3, open transport, etc.) Unfortunately some 3rd party software checks the 'sysv' gestalt as an easy way to detect presence of these things instead of checking for each and every requirement individually. This can sometimes fool such software into thinking the requirements are all met.

SetDate: Allows setting the date/time through 2042. The stock System 7 Date & Time control panel has problems with current dates. This allows manually setting the date & time through 2042 when deeper problems arise. Now with System 6 support!

WNCE2001 Config: This allows configuring the Netgear WNCE2001 Wifi adapter from System 7, making a relatively easy System 7 ethernet-to-wifi bridge.

ROM in RAM: Tools to toggle a PRAM setting to enable ROM shadowing to RAM in the 660av/840av and possibly newer machines.

DeclROM Tools: Tools to create DeclROMs on Linux. Check out the README, and a description.

dumpdrvr: Lists loaded drivers and their slot number in the UnitTable.

dumpdsk: Lists drives in the system drive queue and their associated device drivers. Use with the dumpdrvr utility above to correlate.

myslottest: Uses the Slot Manager APIs to list all DeclROMs, their resources, and any drivers they might have.

nodisksleep: Disables disk sleep on PowerBook 500 series. Place this in your Startup Items folder. This is useful when you've got a CF card adapter where "sleep" makes no sense for your "disk".

sRsrcBootRec: A pretty generic DeclROM sRsrcBootRec function useful for loading and opening device drivers, either at boot or INIT 31 time.

Updated March 1 2013